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Credit Repair

If you've ever had a humiliating experience of being turned down for a bank loan or not being able to order something online for zero interest or multiple payment plans, then you're familiar with just how important it is to have good credit. In fact, few things have the impact on our lives the way bad credit does.

But here's the good news: Bad credit does not have to be permanent.

With Blue Phoenix in your corner, mistakes can be fixed and negative entrees removed from your credit report. And that can raise your credit score – up to 150 points!

If you're unfamiliar with the idea of credit restoration (or fixing your credit), know this: it's perfectly legal and encouraged. And despite what a collection might tell you, there's even Federal Government legislation that protects you from having to live with inaccurate information on your credit report. It's called the Federal Credit Reporting Act and it gives you the power to challenge any entree you think is biased, misleading, unverifiable or incomplete on your credit report. And it's up to the credit bureau to prove that the questionable entry belongs on your report. If they can't prove it (which happens more often than you think), then according to the law, that entry comes off.

The trick is that removing those entries doesn't happen easily or without a great deal of effort. Trying to accomplish that on your own can be very frustrating, and in many cases, discouraging.

That's why we urge you not to attempt removing entries on your own, but let us use or experience and expertise to deal with the hassle and red tape. Because we do this day in and day out, the credit bureaus know they can't discourage us with shenanigans and double talk.

We've been removing negative entries and raising credit scores of thousands of Americans since 2006. We guarantee that we'll remove at least one negative item from your credit report within 45 days. In fact, typically 80 percent of those negative items are completely removed from credit reports in 120 days.

Here's what that means: transformed credit . . . a higher credit score . . . lower interest rates on a home loan, more affordable car insurance, better rates on practically anything you purchase . . . life on your terms in just four months! Call us at (682) 587-1340 to make it happen.