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IRVING, TX, February 1, 2011 – A local credit specialist and father is teaching area kids to do something most parents believe their kids are already expert at: Spending money.

Damien Fralin, president of Blue Phoenix Financial Services, has launched a financial education program for pre-teens called Kids' Credit Academy and Credit U for teens and young adults. The aim of both programs is to teach kids how to become responsible money managers at a young age. That way, as adults they can enjoy lower interest rates on items like cars and homes.

“Imbuing our young people with responsible spending and saving habits during their formative years helps them establish and reinforce healthy spending habits as they grow older.”

The programs, divided into six-week courses, can be taught by area teachers or Fralin himself. Upon registration for the program, each young person receives a kit containing visual aid materials, interactive budgeting worksheets, key banking information and an age-appropriated presentation that discusses how banks and credit work. The kits are downloadable for $9.95 through the company's website at www.bluephoenixfs.com. Both will be available in time for spring.

"Entering adulthood without a real understanding of credit is like trying to cook a gourmet dinner without knowing how to boil water," explains Fralin. "And with an ever changing financial landscape, this next generation of future bank customers and homeowners need to prepare themselves for the one constant they're sure to face: Better credit leads to a better life."

Blue Phoenix Financial Services is a credit education, credit restoration company specializing in helping people correct negative credit and raise credit scores – sometimes as much as 100 points. The company was founded in 2006 by Damien Fralin.