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Let’s Keep our Identities S.A.F.E.
Security Awareness for Everybody

Here’s how to prevent Identity Theft!
Improve Your Family's Credit

Credit Rescue 101
Basic credit information, reasons for negative marks on your credit, terms you should know, FAQ
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Credit U.
Credit information for teens and young adults – how to establish credit, how to use credit wisely
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Credit Rescue 2.0
Advance credit terms and information, how to get help with your credit issues, explanation of FICO scores and how to increase them, determining your  credit worthiness
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Just for Kids Credit Academy
Straight kid talk about how to spend, save and establish good credit behaviour, cool games, terms, links to exciting websites and television shows that show you how to use credit
For Parents: How to prepare your tween for financial responsibility, what parents can say about credit

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Blue Phoenix Credit Information Centre

Comparing Cards

Which option is better for you: credit or debit cards.Read more >

Credit Reports – Your Financial Resume

What it is, how to read a credit report, how to request one.Read more >

Top 5 Mistakes We Make Teaching Our Kids About Money

Find out if you're making bad money decisions with this valuable advice from national money expert Laura Rowley.Read more >


Credit Card Smarts

You’ve just cancelled that credit card. Now it’s listed as ‘closed’on your credit report.
But is it really?
Here's a step-by-step guide to smartly close out your account. Read more >